There are times when you and would like to go out to dinner with your special vegan. Unfortuantely resturants are even bigger minefields than the grocery store. Fortunately with a little perserverence and some luck, you can eat at most resturants with very little trouble. The table below should help make dinning out less of a hassle and more fun.

Resturants Around the Country
Resturant Name Type Vegan Friendly? Comments What Denise Gets:

Southwest (Burritos and such) Yes Welcome to Moe's!! The food is good and plentiful. They are a little like Subway in that they make your meal right in front of you so you know what you are getting. Joey Jr with with both beans or tofu

Tex-Mex Yes This is a chain restaurant where I used to work at. They have very good food, and the great thing is that it is all made fresh, they make a point of telling you they have no cans in their kitchen, which means nothing is premade so anything can be made to be vegetarian or vegan. I'd say they are better than Don Pablos because they have more veggie-friendly items on the menu that you don't have to create yourself. To eat vegan, try the veggie burrito without cheese or sour cream, the veggie fajitas, or a tostada salad minus the sour and cheese, no meat added (my favorite). And always ask for the black beans on the side because the refried and house beans are made with bacon. Enjoy!
Submitted by : Kelly
Don't have one in town.

Don Pablos
Tex-Mex Yes They have excellent Vegan-friendly food, and an authentic mexican atmosphere. They are always concientous about our dietary needs. We order a bowl of beans with sides of lettuce, tomatoes, etc. and corn tortillas. You also get all you can eat chips and salsa that you can use with your meal also. Here's the secret : We feed 4 hungry Vegans for only $3.00-$10.00 TOTAL! Since the beans and toppings aren't on the menu, they only charge about 10-20% of what it would cost to get dinners off the menu. We always go away from Don Pablos stuffed and spend less than we would at Taco Bell!
Submitted by :Brian

On The Border
Tex-Mex Yes Tex-Mex places always seem to have something good that's vegan. Sure the server looks at you funny when you ask for no cheese and the rice usually has chicken broth in it but grilled veggies beats a salad. Portabella Fajitas

Papa John's
Pizza Yes Not as cheap as Hungry Howies but a LOT tastier. Really good pizza and pretty decent prices. Plus they all come with this garlic "butter" to dip your crusts in...ummmmm...oh baby, you just can't top that! Pizza (what else) no cheese or meat.
Sweet Tomatoes Salad Bar Resturant Yes Some friends of ours in Venice, FL took us here. I was skeptical of a salad bar resturant but it was really okay. They had salad, soup and pasta. Plus they had frozen yogurt that didn't taste like frogurt so that was a plus. Not terribly expensive and all you can eat, which is a plus for any resturant. My only complaint is that they didn't have those little ham cubes on the salad but, but you get by, one day at a time. Almost evertyhing.
Hops Full Service Yes Hops doesn't have a HUGE variety but they are usually good for a baked potato and some veggies, which Denise prefers over a bland salad. Baked potato and seasonal veggies (usualy brocolli)
TGI Friday's Full Service Yes We went here because the Olive Garden was too packed and were very supprised to find a Huge veggie plate on the menu. Denise spent half as much and got twice the food I did. She really enjoied it as well. Super fantastic Veggie Platter
Taco Bell Fast Food Yes A good, inexpensive place to go out. Tasty too Tacos minus beef and cheese, add beans.
Chili's Full Service No I have gotten many many emails on the subject of Chili's. It seems that there are indeed Chili's resturants that do indeed have vegan alternatives. Unfortunately in our expierence with the Ganiesville Chili's there was nothing a vegan can have. The veggie burger had eggs in it and the salad came pre-packaged with the cheese included to it couldn't be left off. If your local Chili's is different by all means go and enjoy, but our local Chili's is very Vegan-unfriendly. Nothing in Gainesville's Chili's
Bob Evan's Family Dining Yes A suprisingly vegan friendly resturant. Even more inexpensive for vegan. Multiple side orders, tasty and filling and inexpensive.
Subway Fast Food Yes Subway IS indeed Vegan firendy. The best part is you get to choose which fixins you have, almost as good as a sald bar. If you want more info go to Subway's Nutrition Guide. Black bean salad or Boca Burger.
Shoney's Family Dining Yes Most of the meals aren't exactly vegan friendly, but they have a wonderful salad bar. Soup and Salad Bar
Hungry Howie's Pizza Not Any MOre Apparently they have to squeeze some kind of animal into their crusts now. Nothing...damnit.

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